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       May we never forget...


Please make a financial contribution if you enjoy using our =VHB= Storm game server and would like to see it continue to be a great Delta Force: Black Hawk Down and Joint Operations server.

We offer a convenient way to make a financial contribution which will fund current and future =VHB= operations:

Make a donation via Paypal, Credit Card or by check.

Would you like to join =VHB= on the battlefield?  The Vigilant Hunter Brigade would like to extend an open invitation to others who may be looking for a squad to join.


Please read the following information carefully before applying:

You’re required to read and understand Vigilant Hunter Brigade’s rules. Please click on the "Rules of =VHB=" link to the left. Then, contact LT.Gen Mavrik=VHB= on Teamspeak (www.vhbusa.com) or e-mail him an application at Lt.Gen.Mavrik=VHB=: maverick-21 @ hotmail.com. After you have applied, you can expect to receive a formal acknowledgement of your application within 48 hrs. Once it is received, your application will then be evaluated and you will be observed over a period of time, a minimum of 30 days. There is also training sessions that are mandatory to attend. This is known as =VHB= Bootcamps and they are required for all new members. Completing your 30-day evaluation doesn’t guarantee your entry into =VHB= as a full member.

We reserve the right to enroll or reject new recruits based on ability, attitude, attendance and other factors.



(JUST COPY AND PASTE THIS IN AN EMAIL TO Lt.Gen.Mavrik=VHB= (maverick-21 @ hotmail.com), or download the application text file.

First name:

Last name:

Age: Phone Number:

Mailing Address:

(This is for mailing ribbons, awards, etc. that you may receive while on the team)


Game Name:
(This should be a short name, preferably no more than 4 or 5 letters, and easy to say over Team Speak and for the convenience of adding rank and tags)

Please answer the following questions if you have been in a Nova squad before:

Name of squad:

Why did you leave that squad?


Have you read and understood our rules?            Yes or No

Why have you selected to join VHB?

What skills, talents or other abilities will you bring to the squad:

Note: This doesn’t mean just game skills, but you should indicate any talents in the areas such as web design, graphic design, map making or particular affiliations with community websites or related organizations etc.


Any additional comments or skills:



Please note that applying does not mean you are in the Vigilant Hunter Brigade. You'll be watched closely on the forum and in the game on our server for a period of time. Stay active on the server and on the forums (we can't stress this enough).

IF approved, one of our Gate Keepers will be setting you up with Team Speak and the Hunter's Den (our forums). If you do not have Team Speak please download it as soon as possible. Thank You.

PLEASE display the dedication, commitment and maturity needed to make the squad..... You are being observed at ALL times. Skill alone doesn’t determine admittance, as attitude plays a big part in the decision as well. Please visit our forums and post, so that you can start meeting members of the squad. Good luck!